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What guarantees come with the EPDM roof?

An EPDM rubber roof is incredibly long-lasting and durable. The rubber  is resistant to the ultraviolet rays and you can expect a rubber roof to last in excess of 40 years with very little maintenance. 
Because an EPDM flat roof is comprised of durable rubber, it can withstand extreme weather conditions such as hail or snow and common weather such as rain and strong winds. 
Furthermore, if the rubber membrane is ever damaged, torn or split, it’s incredibly easy to quickly repair. 

Our EPDM rubber roof is guaranteed for 10 years provided general maintenance is adhered to. This includes ensuring that the surface is kept clear of objects and that any surface debris is cleared from the roof as soon as possible. The guarantee does not include puncturing/tearing from falling debris or abrasion e.g. objects such as ladders being stored on pushed on / along the roof.

You can read more about our Roofing product and more about our Guarantees & Warranty's.

exploded view of garden room roof with labels