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Installation Timeline

Choosing the size, shape and finish of your garden building is a big decision and here at Gardenplex, someone is always available to help you with those decisions.
Once these decisions have been made, we are then able to plan together regarding the install.
A typical timeline for a 3m x 3m build would be as follows and we would expect the time frame to be approximately 8 weeks, but this would be dependant on any necessary works as outlined in 1 and 2 and weather conditions.

Prior to Install

  1. You will discuss with us your ideas such as what type of cladding, internal finish, heating, lighting, flooring etc. An agreement on any work prior to garden room build such as ground preparation, mains connection, water connections etc is also made.
  2. We will also agree on a scheduled start date for the installation.
  3. Any additional groundworks are undertaken e.g. ground preparation, mains connection, water connections. These are services that we can provide, or you may want to arrange these yourself.
  4. You won’t see much happening, but lots will be going on behind the scenes as we begin to order and receive materials.
  5. Again, although behind the scenes, we will be busy in the workshop!
Day 1

Getting Started

Unload materials and begin building.
SIPs frame erected.
Windows, doors and EPDM roof installed.
Water test to ensure the roof is water-tight.

Day 1
Day 2

Build & First Fix

Breathable membrane added to the exterior and battens added.
If electrics are being installed, the first fix will happen at this point.
Vapour barrier to interior and battens added.
Cladding of exterior.

Day 2
Day 3

Second Fix

Plasterboard interior and fill.
If electrics are chosen then a second fix occurs at this point, adding sockets, lights and fuse box.
Where chosen other options are added, e.g. heating, flooring and skirting.

Day 3
Day 4

Add Some Colour

Sand and get walls and ceiling paint ready.
Finish off any uncompleted work.
If paint finish has been chosen, then this will occur at this point.
Tidy up.
Once the paint is dry you will be ready to move in!

Day 4
1 Week Later

Customer Care

A visit from the Gardenplex team to check on any snagging issues and arrange a time for these to be remedied.

1 Week Later