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Laminate flooring is an ideal choice for a garden room. It’s easy to clean whilst being durable. It has a tough exterior layer and a resin coating. Laminate flooring is widely recognised as being much stronger and more scratch resistant, impact resistant and longer lasting than any hardwood.

All of our laminate flooring is fitted with underlay to give your floor stability, support and greater noise reduction.

Our Flooring Options

Looking For Something A Little Different?

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Standard Laminate

Comes in 3 different choices:

standard white oak laminate flooring
Trend Oak Grey - 6mm
standard oak grey laminate flooring
Oak White - 7mm
standard oak nature laminate flooring
Trend Oak Nature - 7mm

Superior Laminate

Comes in 5 different choices:

superior stirling oak laminate flooring
Stirling Oak
superior oak white laminate flooring
Oak White
superior century oak grey laminate flooring
Oak Grey
superior exquisite teak silver laminate flooring
Exquisite Teak Silver
superior gala oak nature laminate flooring
Gala Oak Nature


This extra thick luxury vinyl offers extra comfort and it's more hygienic and quieter than laminate flooring. Having an embossed, slip resistant finish (R10 rating) really makes this cushion floor stand out whilst also being easy to clean.

Available in 15 different choices:

almagro 533 vinyl flooring
Almagro 533
almagro 546 vinyl flooring
Almegro 546
almagro 598 vinyl flooring
Almegro 598
aspin 744 vinyl flooring
Aspin 744
aspin 835 vinyl flooring
Aspin 835
chavin 593 vinyl flooring
Chavin 593
fair oak 580 vinyl flooring
Fair Oak 580
fair oak 594 vinyl flooring
Fair Oak 594
marilyn 593 vinyl flooring
Marilyn 593
nimes 584 vinyl flooring
Nimes 584
noblesse 207 vinyl flooring
Noblesse 207
noblesse 892 vinyl flooring
Noblesse 892
sintra 585 vinyl flooring
Sintra 585
toronto 598 vinyl flooring
Toronto 598
nimes 594 vinyl flooring
Nimes 594

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