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Our garden rooms are designed to be used all year round and have insulated walls, roof and floor that meet new build regulations. Additional heating in the form of a panel heater or underfloor heating can give that extra cosy feel. Please feel free to discuss with our team if you need advice on heating your garden building.

Our Heating Options

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Panel Heater

If choosing a larger build then a 3kW panel heater may be more suitable.

Panel Heater 2kW

Panel Heater 2kW Information

ControlsLCD digital control
NoiseSilent operation
FinishWhite corrosion resistant powder coated body
Dimensions (HWD)400x940x85mm
SafetyOverheat protection
IP RatingIP24 - Class I

Panel Heater 3kW

Panel Heater 3kW Information

ControlsLCD digital control with 7 day intelligent programmer
NoiseSilent operation
FinishWhite corrosion resistant powder coated body
Dimensions (HWD)1050 x 450 x 100mm
FunctionsOverheat protection, frost detection & open window detection. Self-learning function: automatic calculation of the preheat time in timer mode
IP ratingIP24 - Class I

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Underfloor Heating

Consists of a twin conductor heating element ready fixed with uniform spacing onto a tough pressure sensitive self-adhesive fiberglass mesh, providing evenly distributed heat and excellent adhesive properties to facilitate fixing to the sub-floor. 

Thermopads Underfloor Heating Mat Kits 

Thermopads under tile heating mats are available in outputs of 150 and 200 w/m2, and a large range of sizes allows you to select the ideal underfloor heating system, whatever your room dimensions or the shape of your room. A wide selection in sizes simplifies design and installation. 

The mats are 500mm wide and installations are completed in only a short time due to the ease of rolling out the matting side by side, and facility to remove heating cable from the mat, to fit any shape of room. The mat can be cut and turned with ease to run in strips side by side.


thermopads underfloor heating with packaging
Thermopads Electric Underfloor Heating 200w/m2

Underfloor Heating Information

SafetyCertified as per IEC / EN 60335
CE marked with EAC, UL, CSA, VDE, SEMKO, and FIMKO approvals.
Compliant with all new 17th Edition IEE Regulations
FunctionsSingle point connection
GuaranteeLifetime
Heat Output200 w/m²

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We have a choice of four thermostats available to help you control your underfloor heating.

Slimline ProWarm Pro Digital Thermostat

The slimline ProWarm Pro Digital Thermostat features advanced controls for an entry-level thermostat. Able to use either floor, air or combination sensors to control the temperature, the Pro Digital is fully programmable for each individual day of the week.

Available in stylish and contemporary white or silver designs, the display has a modern blue back light and offers both a holiday mode and manual override, plus up to four set points each day.

All ProWarm™ thermostats come with a Lifetime Warranty.

  • Can switch up to 16 amps, (230v AC)
  • °F / °C temperature format can be selected
  • 12/24 Hour clock system can be selected
  • Programs and settings can be reserved after power break
  • 25 year warranty
  • Supplied with a 3 Meter Remote Floor Probe

slimline prowarm pro digital thermostat

Heatmiser Touch-E V2 Electric Floor Heating Touchscreen Thermostat

The Heatmiser Touch-e V2 is our modern Touchscreen Thermostat designed specifically for electric floor heating. With the Heatmiser Touch-e, you don’t need to worry about reading the product manual, the large touchscreen display makes programming simple!

With Touch-e, a single or multiple Wireless Air Sensors can be paired to the thermostat. When multiple sensors are used, the average temperature is calculated and is perfect for larger open plan properties.

In addition to the wireless air sensor, a wireless window/door switch can be paired to the Touch-e Thermostat, automatically switching the heating to Standby Mode whilst the window/door is open and then returning to normal mode when the window/door is closed.

  • Wireless Air Sensor Function
  • Wireless Window/Door Switch Function
  • Large Display
  • User Selectable Operating Mode: 1) Non Programmable 2) Weekday/Weekend 3) All days different. 4) All days the same
  • Heating or Timer Mode
  • Self Learning Optimum Start
  • 4 or 6 Comfort Levels per Day (Selectable)
  • Temperature Hold Facility
  • Holiday Facility
  • Automatic White Back light (turns off after 30s)
  • Flush Mounting
  • C/F Selectable
  • Key Locking
  • Frost Protection
  • Advance Function
  • Floor Sensing Option (3m Probe included)
  • 230v AC
  • 16A Switching
  • Modbus Connectivity
heatmiser touch electric touchscreen thermostat
heatmiser touch electric touchscreen thermostat in black

ProWarm ProTouch-E Wifi Thermostat

The ProWarm ProTouch Wifi Smart Thermostat enables easy accessibility and control of your underfloor heating.

The ProWarm ProTouch Wifi was designed to allow smartphone control of your underfloor heating system without the requirement of buying a “hub” or control centre.

Simply pair the device to your home wifi network using the iOS or Android smartphone application and you can then control the device remotely via your smartphone or tablet device.

This device also comes with 7-day programmer functionality, optimal start features and easy to read multi temperature displays.

  • Wi-Fi Control
  • Programmable
  • Large Screen
  • Professional Design
  • App available on both iOS and Android
  • Alexa Compatible
  • 230v Supply Voltage
  • Maximum Switching Current 16A/3600w
  • IP Rating 21
  • Only suitable for 2.4GHz Routers
  • Width 87mm, Height 87mm, Total Depth 42mm, Front Plate Thickness 16mm
  • Sensing modes: Air, Air & Floor, Floor only
  • Temperature readings in °C / °F as selected
  • Frost Protection
  • Key locking security function
prowarm protouch e thermostat with wifi in black
prowarm protouch e thermostat with wifi in white

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