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Here at Gardenplex we are fully aware that one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why we offer a range of sizes of garden buildings, each of which can be fully customised to meet your requirements and tastes. You may be thinking of building a garden office, a garden gym, a hobby room, a space to socialise or simply a peaceful place to relax. We are here to help you make the right choices for the type of space that you want and to ensure that you get a premium quality product at the right price. 

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"I would 100% recommend Gardenplex if you were thinking of a garden room project." - Ian (source: Trustpilot)

Garden Room Options & Finishes

Here at Gardenplex we firmly believe that you should be able to choose exactly what you want when purchasing a garden building. Here at Gardenplex, we have an extensive range of optional extras including, windows, heating, electrics, WiFi capability, flooring and skirting. Within each of these, there are further options that give an even greater choice!  Remember, we are here to help and if there is something that you have in mind and you cannot see it listed on our website then please get in touch and we can discuss your ideas with you.  

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Want something a little different? 

Depending on the space that you have available you may want something a little different and you can’t see the size listed. Not to worry, all of our buildings are made to order so please get in touch and we can discuss your ideas. Similarly, you may want different doors, windows, lights, cladding etc. Again, we are able to provide all of these options and many, many more, so please get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Garden Rooms Cost? Our Prices for Garden Rooms Start from ~£11.5k. Although our website is designed to enable you to get an instant quote, please feel free to get in touch with one of our team if you would prefer to discuss your ideas/options or if you're..... Read More »

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Can I Sleep in a Garden Room? If you wish to sleep in your garden room then you will need planning permission as this changes the use of the building.

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Can I Have Solar Panels Fitted to My Garden Room? Solar panels can be installed on just about any roof but how they are mounted will differ dependant on the material and roof. We would suggest a system where the solar panels are weighted down on their frames thereby avoiding..... Read More »

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Does my home insurance cover the garden room? In short, the answer is yes. Home insurance usually covers items in your garden and any outbuildings such as sheds and garden offices. We do recommend that you do check with your insurance company and also ensure that you have an appropriate..... Read More »

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What Payment Options Are Available For Garden Rooms? Purchasing a Gardenplex building couldn’t be easier. We accept BACS payments and we can also provide finance options through our partner, Kandoo. Alternatively, you may wish to contact your own lender who may have a more favorable interest rate.We've created a finance..... Read More »

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What is a structured insulated panel? They are high-performance building systems for residential and light commercial construction. The panels consist of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two structural facings, typically oriented strand board or OSB.SIPs can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design, the result is a building..... Read More »

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Can I have a bespoke garden room? Our garden rooms are based on rectangular or square shapes and come with many different options to allow you to personalise your design to make it work for you. If these choices aren't right for you, we offer fully bespoke garden buildings, allowing..... Read More »

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Can I Take My Garden Room When I Move? Theoretically, yes but in reality, this is something that we would strongly advise against. Your garden building is a substantial building that has been constructed by professionals. In trying to dismantle the building parts would be damaged or broken and would..... Read More »

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Based in the Staffordshire, Gardenplex creates bespoke, characteristic garden rooms, delivering premium quality across our range of garden structures without the inflated price tag commonly seen on the market. All of our products are made to order; we are here to help and open to a challenge so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your bespoke enquiries.

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