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It is essential that your garden building is sited on a flat and stable base to take the substantial weight, which also helps to keep the building square ensuring that doors and windows hang correctly and open smoothly.

Ideally, the base should always be the same size as the footprint of the building as a footprint that is larger can increase the risk of water ingress.

If you have a suitable base for your garden building already or if you are looking to do this yourself then please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your ideas or proposals. However, if you would like Gardenplex to install a base for you then we offer two options.

Our Foundation Options

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Ground Screws

Not only do our ground screws provide superb stability but they can be installed and ready to be built on in under a day! There is no need for digging out foundations, use of skips or for the use of costly concrete. They also provide a more environmentally friendly option than concrete. Our standard ground screw 750mm ground screw is for applications set on reasonably level ground

ground screws with garden room illustration


  • Ground screws will offer a stable base upon which your garden building can be installed and are a good alternative to a concrete base
  • Easier to add additional services such as, power or water as there isn't a solid base
  • None or very little digging is required if the ground is relatively level
  • Less expensive
  • No skips are needed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Once installed can be built on immediately which saves time and money


  • In extreme cases there may be some difficulty in penetrating hard bearing layers. In such instances we will use concrete and concrete blocks in conjunction with ground screws

Ground Screws Specifications

Total length750mm
Internal diameter at top68mm
Helix spacing40mm
FinishFully galvanised
Recommended Install Range300mm above ground level
Load capacity4.28KN (0.43 Tonne) when fully installed in solid ground
GuaranteeCE Approved with a 20 Year Product Guarantee


Although expensive, concrete does, without doubt give the most durable base upon which to build your garden building.

However, as  ground conditions can greatly affect the finished concrete base we strongly suggest getting professional help when laying a concrete base to ensure that it provides sufficient support.

If you choose Gardenplex to install a concrete base we will ensure that the concrete has set before the garden building is erected ensuring that it is not only level but that it also lasts.

The concrete bases we lay are normally around 100mm in thickness and we aim to sit the base above the ground, to give extra elevation, away from soil that could rot the timber bearers.

garden room concrete foundation with ducts
concrete base for garden room


  • A solid concrete base will offer a solid, stable base upon which your garden building can be installed and is undoubtedly the most durable foundation.


  • More costly as a it is more labour intensive
  • Difficult to add services as pipes and wires need to have ducting in place when the concrete is poured
  • A skip is usually required in addition to the cost of the concrete install.
  • Not very environmentally friendly
  • Needs time to dry and can therefore delay the install of the building

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