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A simple tool to quickly see how affordable your dream garden room could be!

Personal - Whether you're looking to create a dedicated entertaining space, gym or office you'll still want to know how much it's likely to cost a month, if you're thinking of taking out a loan. With such a large price tag, finance packages allow garden rooms to become affordable, by spreading the cost over several years. Although it's worth noting if you're planning to use it to work from home, you're also likely to be saving money on commuting, whilst adding value to your property.

Business - If you're looking to complete a cost analysis of running a small business using one of our commercial buildings versus the cost of renting an office space, this tool should help to provide an estimate of the expected finance costs. It's important not to just look at building cost versus you rental cost, you should also consider the value you place on having control over your environment, the temperature, noise, maintenance, etc... It's also worth speaking with a financial advisor to investigate if there are any government grants available.

If you need help, speak to our partner Kandoo for Personal Loans and Businesses Loans.

*Personal loans typically start from £1,000 and go up to £25,000. This may be higher but you'd need to speak with your bank.

**Interest rates shown as examples only, from 24th May 2021. This calculator is not intended to provide financial advice, merely to demonstrate the potential cost of finance.