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How Do I Get Internet In A Garden Office Room?

Getting the internet to the garden room can be achieved in a number of ways. 
1. boosters or extenders - We do not offer this service as this is susceptible to signal drop-out.
2. WiFi mesh network - Simply put, it means that there is one single wireless network delivered through multiple WiFi access points.  With traditional boosters or extenders, each device broadcasts its own competing WiFi signal.  This can potentially cause interference and drop-outs in the signal.  Mesh whole-home WiFi systems avoid this issue.
3. CAT 6 wired solution - Although Mesh WiFi systems are far better than signal boosters, repeaters and extenders they still aren’t as good as an ethernet CAT6 connection that connects the house to the garden building.

Please note that our CAT6 connection and WiFi mesh networks are a ‘plug and play’ option. It is the customer's responsibility to connect the corresponding cables to the house. However, if this is something you would like us to do for you please get in touch and this can be discussed during a site survey.
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